Finance company offers interest-free credit (fixed APR 0%) on the Apple store

This is an exceptional offer for all Apple enthusiasts. Until March 27, 2019, the apple brand offers, in partnership with Viloan, free credit (fixed APR rate 0%). Let’s look at all the details of the offer.

Apple interest-free credit: terms

Apple interest-free credit: terms

Apple offers free credit (fixed APR rate of 0%) on its entire range, until March 27, 2019. Here are the special conditions of the offer:

  • Detailed offer on the apple store
  • Amount: from $ 249 to $ 5,000
  • Duration: 6 or 12 months only
  • Rate: free credit at 0% fixed APR rate
  • Validity: until March 27, 2019
  • Funding not offered for gift cards
  • Offer only valid on new products

This free credit offer is managed directly by Viloan, which acts as a lender. Credit organizations actually have the habit of proposing commercial offers of this type, in partnership with major brands. Viloan has notably been managing the credit payment offers offered by Fnac for several years.

How to get free Apple credit?

How to get free Apple credit?

The mention “0% financing offer” on the product page selected in the basket allows you to verify that the promotion applies. It then remains only to validate it by connecting to its Apple space, or failing to create a new one. To obtain a favorable response to the request for free credit, it is necessary to justify certain resources (income, type of contract, identity, domicile). This information will be verified through the supporting documents to be sent online.

An email finally confirms the order, and specifies the associated monthly payments. Credit at 0% TAEG rate is entirely managed by Viloan (see how to contact Viloan), thanks to the opening of a revolving credit contract.

Examples of Apple Free Credit

Free credit simulation Apple x Viloan Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
For a Macbook at $ 1,499.00 over 12 months 0% $ 124.92 / month 0 $ (free credit)
For an iPhone at $ 855.28 over 6 months 0% $ 142.55 / month 0 $ (free credit)

Good to know: the borrower has a withdrawal period corresponding to 14 days, from the date of final acceptance.