Quick Mortgage Loans

Fast mortgage loans (with the guarantee of a property) are not obtained through a financial institution, if the bank does not understand us.

It is a problem especially if we need to invest or pay a financial debt in the very short term (weeks or months). This happens due to the fact normally banks take their particular time to study our software, claiming a lot of documentation to be able to obtain a risk profile because faithful and accurate as it can be.

If we are usually regular clients of that financial institution (and therefore , they know our financial situation perfectly which is positive), opening the credit line will not take over 24 hours. But if we are new business, they will be very anxious plus take the time they think is essential.
However , that loan can be obtained in less than 72 hrs through a private lender. These are called fast mortgage loans.

Polar Credit focuses on fast mortgage loans, giving a solution to the applicants in less than a few days and entering the cash into the account within a 7 days.


Quick Mortgage Loans

Quick Mortgage Loans

Polar Credit specializes in quick mortgage loans through private loan companies. The only thing we ask for is really a mortgage guarantee: studying the application form takes us between twenty-four and 72 hours. When the request is accepted, the customer signs the loan prior to a notary and gets the money during the same 7 days.


Requirements of our quick mortgage loans

Requirements of our fast mortgage loans

As its title implies, to access one of the fast mortgage loans it is necessary to provide as a guarantee a real property. Specifically, we just process fast mortgage loan programs if the client meets the next two conditions:

  1. Need at least € 20, 000. Opening the line of credit through one of our own fast mortgage loans means an extremely high fixed cost which is hardly acceptable for procedures that are less than that body.
  2. Have a real-estate property. As its name implies, quick mortgage loans, to open a credit line you must mortgage or keep as collateral a real property of the applicant.


Steps to access the fast mortgage loans

Steps to access our fast mortgage loans

Inside the entire process of opening the financing line through Polar Credit, the following stages are usually followed.

  1. The client submits his program for fast mortgage loans, complying with the two previous specifications
  2. To confirm that the real estate property is your residence we need a simple note from the property registration
  3. We study the ask for and ask the client for more paperwork to inform us of their economic and financial situation (if he is in ASNEF or even RAI, if it weighs a good embargo and / or auction procedure on him, level of indebtedness, ability to pay… )
  4. If the advisor looks at that the operation can be carried out, the particular loan will be signed prior to the notary of the autonomous local community that the client chooses
  5. In less than a week you should have the money, choosing the obligations, the duration, and the kind of repayment