‘Aliens are coming’: Alberta RCMP 911 dispatchers respond to calls regarding UFO sightings


A blinding flash of light, something unknown above the head or aliens at the door. Somewhere the truth is out there.

Canadians seem to see more “out there” as they scan the night sky in increasing numbers. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing more time to be spent outdoors, which has led to growing interest in astronomy and unusual calls to RCMP 911 dispatchers.

Alberta centers received nearly 900,000 calls last year, and it’s the unusual calls – not requiring police, fire, or EMS to be dispatched – that tend to stand out in the world. spirit of the 160 dispatchers.

“There were certainly themes about the UFO sightings and unusual satellites,” said Tracy Duval, acting director of operations at Red Deer, Alta.

“We were getting a lot of calls with SpaceX satellite launches. It’s a very specific pattern in the sky, they don’t touch the ground, and we can just explain to people very quickly that there are real satellites in there.

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UFO sightings in Canada decline in 2019, but expected to increase due to coronavirus pandemic

UFO Sightings in Canada Decline in 2019, But Expected to Increase Amid Coronavirus Pandemic – July 28, 2020

SpaceX is an American aerospace company founded by business mogul Elon Musk.

Duval said there are people who are convinced that aliens have already landed and are trying to break into their homes.

“It makes you laugh (and) you say, ‘No, I’m pretty sure you’re okay.’ People think that,” she said.

“We have situations where people (say)… ‘No, that’s legitimate. The aliens are coming. Sometimes it’s about making sure that there isn’t really someone breaking into their home as they mistake it for some sort of alien experience.

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Evan Davis of Shellbrook, Sask., Had his own close encounter on his way to work early in the morning at the end of February.

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“It was just kind of twilight. The sun was rising behind me and all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning. And then there was this big huge fireball and it left a lighted trail that stayed a second or two behind it as it fell, ”Davis said.

“It’s something I won’t forget. It was spectacular and the whole thing lasted about six or seven seconds in total. He lit up the whole sky and then he left.

A fragment of a comet burning in Earth’s atmosphere lit up the early morning sky over Alberta and Saskatchewan in February.

Winnipeg-based Ufology Research published a survey in March that indicated UFO sightings across Canada – levitating discs, erratic lights and floating triangular objects – increased 46% in 2020.

Chris Rutkowski of the center said the total of 1,243 sightings is one of the highest recorded in a single year.

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A longtime astronomer suggests that people are simply looking more at the night sky during the pandemic.

“This is a real resurgence in astronomy,” said Ron Waldron, president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in Saskatoon, who noted that telescopes are rare.

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“People suddenly notice the night sky. They hadn’t taken the time to notice it before, so what astronomers have been watching for years, and know exactly what it is, now people look up and say, “I don’t know what this is. is, so it must be a UFO. ‘”

Waldron said more satellites are being launched “to the chagrin of astronomers” and are visible to the human eye. The International Space Station also on a clear day.

“(People) are not necessarily able to interpret what they see. There are no more unidentified flying objects up there during the pandemic than before. “

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