Another domain service starts Texas Avortion Snitching website

Image of the article titled The Right's Favorite Web Refuge also launched the Texas Abortion Snitching website


Epik, the domain registrar who agreed to take Speaking after the Capitol uprising, pulled the line. That is: anonymous morons denouncing people seeking abortions in Texas, who are now all but banned in that state. users may submit “anonymous tips” to “Help Enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act”. This essentially means submitting names of people who are now vulnerable to bounty hunters who can prosecute anyone who has an abortion after six weeks or “help and encourage” them.

ArsTechnica reports only after GoDaddy cuts the site Friday, the site switched its name servers to Digital Ocean and its domain registration to Epik. Digital Ocean also cut the ties and the site turned to Epik for both services. A few days ago, Epik told the Daily Beast that the site violated its terms by collecting information from third parties in a non-consensual manner, and Epik had the advice line removed. Now, is redirecting to the page of the anti-abortion group Texas Right to Life, which allegedly founded the site.

Gizmodo was unable to immediately reach the group or Epik for comment. But a look at Epik’s Terms of use confirmed that users may not “harvest or collect information about third parties, including e-mail addresses, without the express consent of such third parties”. (It also prohibits harassment and threats.)

Epik recently stepped in to help Right wing sites like Gab, who was cut by GoDaddy after it was discovered that Gab had harbored the anti-Semitic profile of the Pittsburgh Synagogue mass shooter. This too Became the domain registrar for Parler after the discovery of numerous death threats against lawmakers, leading to the Capitol uprising. Among his other controversies customers, Bitchute is a site for Q Anon Drops and The Donald is the independent embodiment of the famous hate-filled forum that went too far for the comfort of the Reddit executive.

The Texas Heartbeat Act recently obtained a let go last week from the Supreme Court, which refused to block the law without even a hearing. Now about 85% Texas abortion seekers will be refused at clinics; if they go ahead with abortion, any citizen may sue them, their caregiver, or someone who “helps and encourages” them, including a friend who offers emotional support or an Uber driver who takes them to a clinic for $ 10,000.

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