Arrowverse: 15 Saddest Things About The Members Of Legends Of Tomorrow


As for the Arrowverse superhero series, Legends of tomorrow is among the happiest and most upbeat shows of all. The heroes travel back in time and embark on crazy adventures, many of which leave audiences staring at their screens in disbelief.

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But like many superhero stories, the legends are more than they seem. Their stories are often much darker than the audience first imagined. From the loss of their closest friends and family to dealing with their traumatic past, the Legends have gone through many sad times.

Updated August 23, 2021 by George Chrysostomou Legends of tomorrowThe ranks of continued to evolve with the departure of familiar faces and new heroes stepped up to fight the good fight. However, it seems like a core part of the team that everyone has to suffer great grief in order to overcome the obstacles in their way. Despite those sad times, the Legends are still one of the most formidable teams in the Arrowverse.

15 Gary: Hide your identity

Gary has always been an unusual character, but it was clear he was isolated from the rest of the team. He even took a nasty turn because of this loneliness, although the truth is actually much darker. There was a sadness lurking beneath the surface; Gary has never been able to reveal his true origins.

It was revealed that Gary was actually an alien in human disguise. He was never able to tell his teammates because he feared they would react nicely to the revelation. However, the news was eventually forced on them and it took them some time to come to terms with it.

14 Nora Darhk: Losing your freedom

Legends of Tomorrow Damien Darkh gives Nora Darhk to marriage

Nora Darhk has spent most of her life manipulated by her father in the Arrowverse. Once released from this burden, she was captured by the Time Bureau, which imprisoned her for a long time. And when she escaped from this prison, she still couldn’t find peace.

She would then become a fairy godmother, meaning that despite the freedom she so briefly desired, she would forever be in the hands of the children who needed her across the world. At least she had a somewhat happy ending despite the changes in her life.

13 Charlie: Forced to betray his family

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie and Zari

Charlie was a shapeshifter who was hunted down by the Legends. After her capture, she joined the team and discovered that they were truly family to her. When her real sisters resurfaced, she didn’t know what to do. Their malicious intentions have led her down a dark path.

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Charlie had to betray the Legends in order to protect them, working alongside his biological family. However, she would then turn around and betray her sisters to help the Legends, meaning that no matter what she did, she would have to hurt people close to her heart.

12 Amaya Jiwe: Back in her time

Amaya was the resident vixen of the Waverider, using her mystical amulet to help defend the team against all manner of Arrowverse threats. She made a home and a life with the band, even finding a romance with Nate on Legends of tomorrow. But she should always go back in time.

The sad truth was that Amaya was literally out of time, with her own rules that reminded her. She would eventually return there to protect her village and face her fate; she never really had a choice to do what she wanted.

11 Spooner: The Alien Abduction

Spooner is the newest addition to the squad and the group’s resident alien detector. While she has been extremely helpful in helping the Legends find the abducted Sara, her powers actually come from a dark past, the one in which she herself was abducted.

In his youth, aliens abducted Spooner and his mother, ultimately resulting in the death of the latter. This tragic story led Spooner to isolate himself and hate aliens deep within himself. Fortunately, she continued to heal within her new family.

ten Rip Hunter: The loss of his family

Legends of Tomorrow Rip Hunter Miranda Coburn

Rip Hunter may not be the friendliest Legends of tomorrow character, but the loss of his wife Miranda and son Jonas is what motivated him to form the team in the first place, so fans have a lot to thank him for. Vandal Savage killed Rip’s family and the former Time Master was determined to get revenge on Savage and stop him from killing other families.

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And while Rip ultimately did, it still didn’t bring his family back, so it was a bittersweet victory and one of the Arrowverse’s most heartbreaking moments.

9 Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall: Die Again

Dying once is bad enough, but dying over and over again in every lifetime can certainly ruin his mood. Kendra and Carter faced this multiple times while in hiding from Vandal Savage. He always found them and killed them.

Unlike Kendra, Carter remembered all of their past deaths, which must have taken their toll on her – not to mention seeing their own son die in an accident in the first season.

8 Ava Sharpe: her past is a lie

Ava was shocked when she found out her past was a lie. She believed she was a normal person like everyone else, so she wasn’t so thrilled when she found out that she was actually a clone from the future – and just one of many.

Not only did Rip lie to her, Ava’s parents weren’t even her parents. This realization rocked Ava for a while and she had to learn to deal with it.

7 Jefferson Jax: The Death of Martin Stein

Legends of Tomorrow's Invasion Stein Jax

Jax and Martin formed the superhero Firestorm in the series. Despite their age differences and disparate life circumstances, they became good friends and spent a lot of time together, literally in one body.

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So when Martin Stein was injured while trying to save the team and later died of his injuries in Legends of tomorrow, Jax was understandably devastated. He left the team and decided to start a new life.

6 John Constantine: his failure with Astra

Legends of Tomorrow John Constantine Astra

John hasn’t had the happiest life, as have most of the team. His biggest failure, by far, is the fact that Astra ended up in hell because of him when she was just a little girl.

John has never forgiven himself and it continues to torment him. As a result, he tends to push people away because he’s afraid they’ll end up badly if they get close to him, just like Astra did.

5 Nate Heywood: Saying Goodbye To Amaya, Zari And Her Father

Despite all the bad things that have happened to him, Nate still manages to remain an optimistic person – most of the time. Yet even the superhero and historian has experienced many sad moments.

He had to say goodbye to his father soon after they got over their differences. Amaya left him to go live in his time and Zari also disappeared from Nate’s life. And even when she came back, she had to go back to save Behrad. At least this time, she and Nate got to say goodbye.

4 Zari Tomaz: the death of his family

Legends of Tomorrow Pre-Crisis Zari Tomaz

Speaking of Zari, she, like many members of the team, has had her life marked with tragic loss. Zari grew up in a post-apocalyptic version of the future. She lost her family and suffered extremely hard times, including the death of her younger brother Behrad.

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As a result, it took a while for Zari to learn to trust Legends. Luckily for new Zari, Zari Tarazi, the Legends have finally rewritten reality so that his parents and Behrad don’t die.

3 Mick Rory: Losing Your Best Friend

Mick is not as emotional as the rest of the team. As a result, it can sometimes seem like nothing is really touching it, thanks to its rugged exterior. But this is not true. Over the past season, Mick struggled to form a relationship with his daughter Lita and he had to get in touch with her feelings for it to work.

However, even before that, Mick experienced great grief. His childhood was far from ideal and he later lost his best friend Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, who sacrificed his life to save the team. Since Leonard was the main reason Mick initially joined the Legends, he struggled to cope with the loss.

2 Ray Palmer: Leaving the Ship

Legends of Tomorrow Ray part

Leaving the ship wasn’t something Ray wanted. He made many friends among the Legends and was happy to time travel and adventure. However, his marriage to Nora – one of Ray’s best scenarios in Legends of tomorrow as well as the promise he made to his father made him reconsider.

Ray realized that he and his wife had to start over and lead more normal and peaceful lives. That doesn’t change the fact that saying goodbye to the team (and especially Nate) was difficult for him, making Ray’s departure a bittersweet moment.

1 Sara Lance: she lost her loved ones

Sara has had a lot of traumatic experiences. She had to learn to control her thirst for blood, died several times and came back to life. But by far the saddest thing about her is that she has lost several loved ones.

Most notably, Sara had to deal with the fact that her sister Laurel was dead and she couldn’t bring her back. She also lost her close friend and former boyfriend Oliver, and her father Quentin also passed away – although Quentin eventually came back to life when Oliver sacrificed his life and restarted the universe.

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