Atlas Obscura has selected the 13 most mysterious and unexpected destinations in New England


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The book, due out Oct. 15, says it is “more of a cabinet of curiosities than a traditional guide.”

American Stonehenge in Salem, NH Jim Davis / The Boston Globe

Did you know New England is home to a collection of human brains, a cryptozoology museum, and a paper house?

  • Atlas Obscura Says 5 Of The “Hidden Wonders Of The World” Are Found In Massachusetts

A new edition of Atlas Obscura highlights 13 of the most mysterious and unexpected New England experiences on the planet. “Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition: An Explorer’s Guide to the Hidden Wonders of the World”By Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton, will be released on October 15th. Atlas Obscura’s first book, released in 2016, was a New York Times Bestseller.

“More cabinet of curiosities than a traditional guide, Dark Atlas delights in the unexpected, in oblivion, in the strange and the mysterious, ”according to the book.

Coming up, check out the book’s entries in New England. For some states, as noted, the authors briefly mention one or two other places to check out after highlighting their choices.

In Massachusetts:

  • The Mapparium, a famous three-story stained glass globe inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston.
  • James Allen biography, “James Allen’s Life Story», A book hardcover in the skin of its author at the Boston Athenaeum.
  • The Aether dome, where visitors can see where the first surgery using ether took place in 1846 at the Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
  • The Bad art museum, where “there is a glaring gap between the sincerity and the artist’s skill level”, in Somerville. The museum is currently closed for renovation, according to its website, but you can view the art online.
  • Paper house in Rockport, a 1922 house made from newsprint.

In New Hampshire:

  • American Stonehenge in Salem, a collection of small stone walls, rock arrangements and underground chambers.
  • Betty and Barney Hill Archives at the University of New Hampshire at Durham, which includes essays, newspaper clippings, photos, slides, films and audiotapes related to the couple’s alleged alien abduction in 1961.

Rock of Ages granite quarry in Barre, Vermont.

In Vermont:

Also mentioned: Dogs Chapel in St. Johnsbury, a village church that celebrates the spiritual bond between dogs and humans.

In Maine:

In Connecticut:

  • Holy Land United States in Waterbury, a closed theme park dedicated to God.
  • Cushing’s Brain Collection at the Whitney Medical Library at Yale University in New Haven, which contains 550 jars filled with human brains once collected by neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing, who kept them from 1903 to 1932 as part of his tumor registry.

Also mentioned: Crypt in the center of the church on the green in New Haven, where 137 graves were found in the basement when Center Church was built over part of New Haven Cemetery.

In Rhode Island:

  • Roger Williams Racine at the John Brown House Museum in Providence, which was discovered in place of a skeleton during the exhumation of the state’s founding father in 1860. It is known as “the root of the tree that ate Roger Williams ”.

Also mentioned: John Hay Library at Brown University, the home of books bound in human skin and also the letters of the weird and Providence-native fictional writer HP Lovecraft, as well Pistol totem at the Federal Courthouse in Providence, a 12-foot-high pillar made up of 1,000 guns.

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