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This passably funny mock-documentary, which denounces the gonzo-hipster journalism of Vice Media, could serve as a viable business card for greater Hollywood comedy for writers Zach Lamplugh and Brian Emond, who also star (while the first also directs). Emond plays Brian, a jaded journalist who laughs at the “garbage” constantly thrown at him by the trendy Compound media. The last straw comes when he’s overlooked for a bigger broadcast role in favor of Dirty Dolla $ ign $, a moron rapper who serves as a food / cannabis correspondent. Instead, Brian is sent to a backwater in Georgia with his producer Zach (Lamplugh) on an unwanted mission: to find the mythical sasquatch.

Filling out the film’s 10-minute intro, Emond and Lamplugh’s Vice parody material is sharp, nailing his silly nervousness: Brian reports on homelessness (renamed “urban camping”), homemade antibiotics and, the thing the thing. most urgent to emerge from the Ukrainian War, its craft beer scene. Dirty Dolla $ ign $’s group, perfectly, contains a Raybanned lackey called White Morpheus. But the pursuit of bigfoot is an odd choice for the main storyline. More from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! material, it doesn’t appear to be in the Vice Wheelhouse – however, being exactly the kind of tacky material Brian hates, maybe that’s the point.

As the media team follows the presumably phantom creature through the woods in the company of wacky cryptozoologist Jeff (a resonant performance by Jeffrey Stephenson), Emond and Lamplugh score a few points on Internet obsessives via Jeff’s YouTube channel called Cryptic Commander. Even without much deeper meaning, Emond and Lamplugh still retain a cunning mind. I liked the thug Redneck who is disgusted when ordered to “deliver directly” to reporters: “But they, uh, do some shit in this movie …”

Bigfoot Hunters hits theaters October 22 and available online October 25.


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