Binding Of Isaac Board Game Expansion Funded On Kickstarter In Minutes


An extension for the Bond of Isaac card game, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem, was fully funded on Kickstarter within minutes of the campaign launch. The bond of Isaac is a roguelike indie game developed by Edmund McMillen and released in 2011. The popular indie title also spawned a card game, titled The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, launched in December 2018.

The final extension for The bond of Isaac, Repentance, was released on PC in March 2021. The long-awaited third expansion for the game was very much inspired by Anti-birth, a fan-made expansion for the game. True Upside Down Bond of Isaac shape, it also added a ton of content such as additional elements, patterns, and room layouts. Before The binding of Isaac: Repentance, developer Edmund McMillen claimed the massive expansion was technically significant enough to be considered a full sequel. Upon its release, the expansion was lauded for breathing new life into the roguelike title, with particularly impactful new features like local co-op and two new characters.

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Now it has been announced that the Kickstarter campaign for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem was funded minutes after launch. According to an update from a project collaborator, the campaign’s goal of $ 100,000 was reached in just three minutes after the campaign was launched. The campaign reached $ 1,000,000 in just 90 minutes, and on the first day of the campaign, pledges reached over $ 2,300,000. The campaign will last until July 2, with a number of different reward levels depending on the amount pledged to the project.

bond of isaac four souls requiem

Card games have recently seen a surge in popularity, with a new generation of players taking an interest in collecting and trading cards. Pokemon Cards have become increasingly scarce in the United States, with collectors and casual fans alike finding it increasingly difficult to find cards in stock at retailers. While the cards of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls are unlikely to become as rare as hit cards Pokemon franchise, these instant successes of the Requiem the expansion demonstrates the current demand for more card collections. In the case of Pokemon, the scarcity of cards has resulted in violence from those who are desperate to get their hands on any card currently in stock.

The bond of Isaac is an unpretentious indie title, but one that has managed to gain huge cult following since its release almost a decade ago. The game’s rogeulike gameplay, unique art style, and imaginative storyline have made it a classic title for many gamers. The popularity of the game and Edmund McMillen’s commitment to serving his fans likely contributed to the immediate success of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem.

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The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is available now.

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