Can you kill your ex by occult?

Never expect anyone or anything to win you love or make you happy

A few years ago there was a report of occult practice and initiation at one of our most prestigious girls’ high schools in Ghana. This should not be surprising as worship practices have always been with us; only it is increasing at an alarming rate.

For example, a study showed that about 20% of our high schools seek out sectarian interventions. It is also known that many Ghanaians seek worship interventions in churches, football, business, marriage, family life, relationships and all areas of life. Many Ghanaians seek cult interventions from fake pastors and mallams to find lovers, win back lost love, turn a bad relationship into a good one, and prevent rivals from taking control of loved ones.

About two years ago a man was very upset when his lover of three years left him because he had spent a lot of resources to get her through college only for the lover to tell him that in as a graduate, she could not marry a mechanic. The man went to a ‘juju’ man for the woman to return or become crippled. When this failed after paying huge consulting fees, he threatened to ‘show’ the mallam by seeing a more powerful mallam. This also failed. There is also the case of a man who paid a juju man for his ex to die. If he can’t have it, no one should.

  What is occult?

Occultism comes from the Latin word “occultis” which means hidden or secret. It refers to knowledge and workings of the supernatural as opposed to visible or measurable knowledge. It is a supernatural manifestation which cannot be understood by reason or deduction. Common forms include “juju”, magic, sorcery, numerology, and extrasensory perception.

In Ghana, occultism is called “African electronics”. Each type of occult begins with a person claiming to have a hidden or supernatural power that must be kept secret and accessible by the mind or spirit through ritual actions such as meditation, chanting, or the repetition of certain words. To work, an occult needs a medium such as concoction, pubic hair, handkerchief, gift, powder, and sometimes a handshake or a simple smile.

The Myths of Occultism

When some Ghanaians see a lover acting beyond cultural expectations, they believe the occult is at work. If a man cooks for his wife or washes her clothes, he must be charmed. The Akan say ‘enye nani’ or he doesn’t do it with his free spirit.

The fact, however, is that when you fall in love, your brain produces a cocktail of chemicals that puts you in a condition similar to insanity. The greater the stimulation, the greater your “madness” and the more you show conditions that can be perceived as abdominal.

Some believe that occults lose their powers and force lovers to behave in culturally acceptable ways if certain standards are not met. In Akan, we say “ate nani” or else the occult power has died out. The fact, however, is that the stimulation that fosters extreme affection is waning. It can be as short as three months or as long as three years. A lover’s behavior therefore has nothing to do with a talisman, a concoction, blood or powder. We suffer from a lack of knowledge.

  Can Juju kill your ex?

Many Ghanaians want easy solutions to their problems. They simply spiritualize them and blame unseen forces for their failures. A woman having difficulty with pregnancy may think that a blood relative removed her womb and hid it under a tree. She will seek sectarian intervention instead of medical help.

Occultism breeds indiscipline. It makes you think of easy ways to meet life’s challenges. It’s a brake on hard work. So it kills self-confidence. The mindset that you can get the best things in life without working hard for them is detrimental to personal and social development.

The inventor of the light bulb would have made about a thousand attempts before succeeding. He learned some good lessons from his failed attempts – how not to do it the right way. Dan Gable says gold medals aren’t made of gold but of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts. Colin Powell says a dream doesn’t come true by magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. Simply put, if you want your ex back, work hard.

• Give yourself time to work through any confusion, hurt, anxiety and sadness. Then decide if you really want to go back and why. Creating space can help you decide if you need it.

• List the good and bad qualities of your ex. Take stock and decide if it really is your solution. It is very important that you are confident that you can deal with the issues that led to the breakup.

• Maintain friendly contact, but don’t appear desperate. Find out quietly if he is available and accessible. Also ask about his past relationships and activities to make sure he has improved.

Keep your ego aside and talk about what hurt your heart openly. Listen to his side of the story with empathy. Resolve your differences, apologize or accept apologies if necessary. Your true act of forgiveness is the most important key that unlocks the door to rekindle your flame of love.

Never expect anyone or anything to endear you or make you happy. Nobody and nothing can. So you should never try to use the occult to cover up your shortcomings. It is your positive behaviors such as self-confidence, self-care integrity, loyalty, commitment, effective communication, and the spirit of forgiveness that can make you love and maintain your relationship.

If you believe in yourself and make the most of what life has to offer, true love will find you. Anything worship, if it works, has an expiration date, but true love doesn’t.

Again, accept that true love is about sharing from the heart. If one of the partners does not give his heart freely but through sectarian intervention, such a relationship is like building a house on sand. He falls in no time when facing life’s challenges.

If someone does not love you, he or she does not deserve your occult coercion. Life is a gift from God. No human being of power has the right to take human life. And certainly not in the name of love

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