Do you like Bigfoot? Bangor gets his own sweet cryptozoology store



Let’s start with the most obvious question to some …

Some people may immediately ask, what is cryptozoology? Essentially, it’s about looking for animals that may or may not exist, that are fundamentally unfounded. For example: Bigfoot. Or in Maine, the Wendigo. In the southwest, the infamous chupacabra. Or the Loch Ness Monster. You had the idea …

Down in Portland, there is already an amazing little place that you can visit called the International Cryptozoology Museum. There you will find all kinds of exhibits, souvenirs and information about these folk legends. But soon we Bangorians won’t have to travel to Portland anymore. In fact, the new location will be anything but perfect.

It’s gonna be right around the corner from Stephen King’s house

To be fair, it won’t be exactly like the Portland location. It will be more of a teaser for this place. This will focus a little less on the screens and a little more on the merch and information side. The location will be at 585 Hammond Street, roughly on the three-lane corner of Hammond, Allen and 13th Street.

Loren Coleman, director of the International Museum of Cryptozoology, said once he saw the proximity to King’s house, it was obvious. He hopes the closeness will lead people to his door. Why not? It literally seems like the perfect combo. Grab your cup of cheese in front of the big red house and stroll to the cryptozoology store!

Coleman and his wife are finally moving here and are hoping that the first phase of opening will be ready in the next few weeks and then that the store will be fully equipped and ready in the coming months, according to the BDN. Personally, I can’t wait. I love the Portland location, and it’s just exciting to have here in my backyard.

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