Exclusive: “Aliens, Abductions, and UFOs: Roswell at 75” by Tubi

The story goes like this: On July 7, 1947, a rancher from Corona, New Mexico named William Ware “Mack” Brazel phoned the local sheriff with a strange story of strange metal parts found on his property about 130 kilometers to the northwest. of Roswell, New Mexico.

Today is the 75th anniversary of that notorious event, known worldwide as the Roswell Incident, in which a supposed alien craft crashed in New Mexico with a crew of aliens on board.

After Brazel reported the alleged wreckage, officers from the nearby Roswell military airfield were dispatched and officially announced via a press release that they had found a “flying disc”, a report which was published later. amended (opens in a new tab) to identify the leaf-shaped debris as a high-altitude spy balloon instead. Nonetheless, America’s fascination with UFOs has erupted!

Aliens, abductions and UFOs: Roswell at 75

Promotional image for “Aliens, Abductions, and UFOs: Roswell at 75.” (Image credit: Tubi)

Despite evidence that the wreckage was part of a operation known as Mogul (opens in a new tab) designed to detect Soviet nuclear weapons testing, ufologists and conspiracy theorists have argued over the decades that this explanation was a cover-up, and that the hardware was actually a real (albeit very small!) spacecraft of another world.

Was it really an alien craft? A secret US military plane? Or just an experimental spy balloon to detect Soviet nuclear tests? Although the Project Mogul explanation is almost certainly the correct one, a wide range of theories ranging from the prosaic to the fantastical persist to this day.

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United States Air Force Balloon Projects

An image from the 1997 U.S. Air Force publication “The Roswell report: case closed (opens in a new tab).” (Image credit: US Air Force)

In honor of the famous crash, a new documentary airing on Tubi titled “Aliens, Abductions, and UFOs: Roswell at 75” chronicles the historic event with illuminating new research that sheds light on the polarizing subject at a time when the interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), as UFOs have recently been renamed, is at a fever pitch.

This special two-hour documentary investigates the puzzling 1947 affair that caused Americans to become obsessed with space aliens, presents little-known truths behind Area 51’s secret test range, and explores the question of know what our government really knows about these unexplained lights. and objects in the sky.

It’s all guided by first-person interviews of eyewitnesses, people who claim to be abductees, journalists and scientific experts leading the charge of UFO investigations today who might convince you that we are not alone.

Here’s the full release trailer:

Tubi’s dive into UFO culture is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment and Streetcar Entertainment and is produced by Robert Twilley (“Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts”, “Snapped”) Mike Welsh (“Gone Before Her Time”, “Alaska State Troopers “) and Maggie Mock (“America’s Scariest Monsters”, “Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts”).

“Aliens, Abductions, and UFOs: Roswell at 75” premiered Wednesday, July 6 exclusively on Tubi.

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