Falkirk Marshal Welcomes Leading Experts to Bonnybridge to Celebrate World UFO Day


The Falkirk Provost celebrates World UFO Day by welcoming some of the UK’s top ufologists to his Bonnybridge room.

Today is World UFO Day and Provost Billy Buchanan is delighted that his village is once again the center of attention for those who firmly believe the truth is still there.

And it seems that there are a lot of people who share this point of view.

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A recent survey of 2,000 people found that on average 24% of Britons believe they have seen a UFO at least once in their life.

The survey, conducted by Buzz Bingo, found that 25% of Glasgow residents say they have had an extraterrestrial experience.

Provost Buchanan was not convinced that Bonnybridge was not among the places where seeing aliens was almost commonplace.

According to research, 42% of people in Swansea say they have seen aliens and 39% in Newcastle.

Nonetheless, the city has been known for many years as one of the best places in the UK to see UFOs – in the heart of the area known as the Falkirk Triangle.

As a longtime advisor for the region, Billy is passionate about his story – and he remains open-minded about what might be in the skies above.

He said. “A lot of people say it’s a lot of nonsense and we’ve had a lot of ridicule over the years, but these people are really interesting people to talk to and I’m so glad they’re coming to support the region.”

Among the visitors is Malcom Robinson, founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, who recently produced a TV show on the phenomenon.

The location of the Skywatch will be kept secret to avoid any disruption.

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