Figures for the Balearic Islands coronavirus for Friday, October 1


Friday’s report from the Balearic Health Ministry says 41 new positive cases of coronaviruses – 31 in Mallorca, nine in Ibiza and one in Menorca. There were 43 cases on Thursday, including Mallorca had 35, Ibiza seven and Menorca one.

For the second consecutive day, the test rate is less than one percent – 0.95%. It was 0.93% on Thursday, the first time it has been below 1% since mid-June.

14 days cumulative incidence in the Balearic Islands is 83.9, against 85.7 on Thursday. In Mallorca, it is 78.8, against 80.9; Ibiza 140.3 (no change); Menorca 48.1 against 49.1; Formentera 42.0, against 50.4. The cumulative incidence over seven days in the Balearic Islands decreased from 40.72 to 38.67.

At hospital wards, there has been a slight increase in the number of Covid patients – up to two at 95, with Mallorca 61 (down one), Ibiza 32 (up four) and Menorca two (down one) . In intensive care, the Covid intensive care occupancy rate fell from 9.3% to 9.9%, still classified as low risk but due to one more patient in Mallorca and Ibiza, 29 and five respectively.

The number of people monitored by first aid continues to decline, although more slowly than before. There are 1,256 people in the whole of the Balearic Islands and 915 in Mallorca specifically.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 99,368 cases and 960 deaths – no new deaths have been reported.

As it concerns vaccination, 849,391 people received at least one dose (82.08% of the target population) and 831,274 the full cycle (80.33%). The vaccination rate has slowed, leading to the closure of three of the four mass vaccination centers in Mallorca. Friday’s figures show 437 more people having had at least one dose than Thursday and 1,339 more with the full course.

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