How to Activate Your Superconscious Mind for Greater Success and Fulfillment

Urban theorist and City Lab co-founder Richard Florida coined the term “creative class” to describe the rise of an entirely new type of worker. Referring to data dating back to the 1800s, Florida points out that the global economy has entered a phase in which “the creative ethos is increasingly dominant.” Since the 1960s, there has been a steady increase in the number of creative roles available.
The profusion of creative businesses and industries has exploded since the start of the global pandemic. With many people out of work and others looking for additional sources of income or non-traditional ways to increase their income, creative thinking and the ability to unlock new ideas has become of paramount importance.

Creatives make more money
But many will wonder if creativity really equates to an increase in the bottom line? Well, according to a recent McKinsey report, a strong link was found between the amount of creativity within a company and the amount of profit generated. Companies that operate at the top of their game have learned to unleash their creativity and generate financial value.
As we enter 2022, Law of Attraction and Divine Empowerment expert Divina Caballo believes that more than ever, we need inspiration and creativity to excel in the marketplace. The key, she says, lies in activating the superconscious mind.

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Create more wealth, with less effort
Caballo explains, “Have you ever heard of writer’s block? Have you ever heard of people who don’t know what they are supposed to do or what they should focus on? their domain – as if they really lack some kind of creativity or talent. It’s because they haven’t activated their superconscious mind.

She continues, “Imagine how successful you could be if you were brimming with creative genius in your writing, design, marketing, sales conversations, or product creations? You would make infinitely more money, with less effort. ‘efforts. For me, the secret…although it’s not really a secret, is to connect with your own creative genius, which is sitting in your superconscious mind.”

Creative Intelligence: The Mark of a Successful Entrepreneur
It has been found that most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs possess a trait known as “creative intelligence”. The famous Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner, was the first to propose the theory of “multiple intelligences”. Tired of simply trying to measure his abilities on a standard IQ scale, the maverick professor came up with at least eight elements of intelligence that show up in people’s lives.

Proponents of the theory suggest that those with ‘creative intelligence’ have the ability to access more of their brains, which they then use to create new ideas, ideas, products and business plans. ‘business. At the heart of this type of intelligence is the ability to find associations between ideas or thoughts that don’t seem to have an initial connection. The ability to find a connection between disparate ideas allows innovators to see things in a whole new way.

The answer is in your superconscious mind
Caballo describes his method for awakening the superconscious and creative mind, which involves transmissions of divine energy. She adds, “I was certified in Reconnective Healing, which is similar to, but more powerful than Reiki. I now work on a system called Divine Transmission where I operate as a healer – a conduit of energy and healing. love. healer, I have set my intention to send divine, loving energy through hands, hearts and throughout their being. Amazingly, I don’t even need to be with the client in person, because the energy is so strong it can be transmitted from the source – from the universe – through the healer and down to the client.”
“People send and receive love all the time,” Caballo continues, “through friendships and relationships. The gift is designed to activate my clients superconscious creative genius, light and love and empower them with more creative genius in their marketing, business planning or life purpose creations.”

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