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Compare and buy travel insurance for 2022

Compare quotes with over 22 travel insurers

Part of a to-do list can be buying travel insurance. A good travel insurance plan can help pay for travel medical expenses, reimburse you for lost deposits if you need to reverse tipping, and more. But you don’t want buying the insurance to break the bank.

The main price factors for travel insurance are the total cost of the trip, your age and the duration of your trip. Travel insurance often costs between 4% and 10% of the travel costs you insure.

Here are some expert tips for finding cheap travel insurance that still offers good coverage.

Be a savvy comparison shopper

As with most insurance, comparing policies from multiple companies can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Travel insurance the policies often include most of the same benefits, but the price and coverage amounts can vary widely from policy to policy, says Steven Benna, spokesperson for Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison provider.

By using a travel insurance agent, you can get help identifying the coverage you want and then pricing options.

Understand exactly what can be insured

You can avoid overspending on a travel insurance plan by understanding exactly what you need to insure, Benna says. For example, it is important to understand that trip cancellation insurance will only reimburse you for prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses. So don’t buy coverage for the reimbursable portions of your trip, advises Benna.

For example, if you booked a hotel for five nights for a total of $5,000, but the cancellation penalty is $1,000, you will insure the $1,000. You cannot make a travel insurance claim for reimbursable amounts.
Or, say, you don’t need $2,500 baggage coverage if you’re packing $200 worth of t-shirts and a bathing suit.

Avoid unnecessary blankets

Be careful when buying upgrades you probably don’t need.

For example, many travelers buy a “cancel for any reason” upgrade in addition to standard trip cancellation insurance. Upgrade provides you with a partial refund of travel costs if you cancel for a reason not stated in the base policy, for example, cancellation because you had a fight with your travel companion.

“However, if your main concern is covered by trip cancellation, such as cancellation due to illness or illness of a family member, you can be covered without spending the extra money to add “cancel for any reason,” says Benna.

Consider buying an annual travel insurance policy

If you take one or two trips a year, it makes sense to get travel insurance for each one. But if you plan multiple trips, buying a policy for each becomes impractical and expensive.

Annual travel insurance the policies are primarily designed to provide travel medical insurance for multiple trips, and at a better overall price.

Check your credit card benefits

Your credit card may offer travel insurance as a built-in benefit. The key here is that you have to charge the entire trip to this credit card.

“This benefit may include cancellation coverage for travel expenses paid with this card, in addition to baggage coverage,” says Benna. He points out that instead of paying for a travel insurance policy, you can save money by relying on the cancellation benefits of a credit card.

If your travel expenses exceed the credit card’s coverage limit, you can purchase travel insurance for the remaining amount, Benna notes. This will make the policy cheaper than insuring the full cost of the trip.

To see the best credit cards for travel insurance benefits.

Value should be more important than cost

Cost shouldn’t be the only factor when buying travel insurance. A cheap travel insurance policy that lacks good benefits will ultimately not pay off.

“Buy for value,” says Lisa Cheng, spokeswoman for World Nomads, a travel insurance company. “Some plans are low priced for a reason – they might come with high deductibles and low benefit limits.”

For example, Cheng says, you might buy cheap travel insurance and find that there’s only $5,000 for medical expenses when you have an $8,000 hospital bill for your trip. Compare, but don’t skimp on the coverage you care about (like trip cancellation or travel medical insurance).

For some people, medical coverage matters most, and baggage insurance is less important, especially if they don’t plan to pack anything valuable, Cheng says. This coverage is especially important if you are traveling internationally, as US health plans and Medicare may not provide coverage outside of the United States.

And if you are book a trip at the last minutetrip cancellation may be less.

Compare and buy travel insurance for 2022

Compare quotes with over 22 travel insurers

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