Joe Rogan, and other podcasters, “Influence” doesn’t equal expertise, let alone data. Science is not a debate, it is a source of data.

EEven a website of researchers who support the use of ivermectin says you need to get vaccinated. So why are people like Joe Rogan and other podcasters/influencers leaning into anti-vaccine science and counterfactual rhetoric? Vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory for those who just don’t want them, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to accept anti-scientific reasons. If someone does not want to be vaccinated, no one should be forced. Adjust by accepting online teaching, remote work, take-out meals instead of dining in, etc. Have the integrity to admit it’s because you don’t want to, for no reason. Especially if you are not health conscious at all, eat junk food and drink diet sodas and never exercise. So what if people who fit this description,

No opinion outweighs the data and the opinion of a non-expert is not equal to the opinion of an expert.

This is true whether it is an auto mechanic’s opinion of how a car works or a physicist working on a quantum mechanical problem. Unless the auto mechanic also has a background in quantum mechanics and the physicist is also a mechanic, they both have to stay in their lane. If I refuse to have my car repaired, I should have that right as long as the repair does not compromise the safety of my car on the road. i.e. having breaks that won’t work reliably and will cause me to crash into someone else. IF I have the guts to say I don’t want my brakes fixed and I hit someone, all the blame lies with me.

Everyone would understand that, so why do so many people think they have the right to have their medically non-expert unscientific opinion respected in medical science? Even people who practice alternative or traditional medicine have spent some time studying it, if not going to a school for it, or learning from a longtime practitioner.

Now we have people willing to take any medicine, but the one thing we know will have a significant impact is vaccination. Herbal tea can at least be comforting when one has a respiratory illness and does no harm and costs next to nothing. Aspirin is derived from a substance found in willow bark tea. Instead of a tiny amount of a western drug, people who never cared about the “chemicals” they put in themselves are now ready to use medicinal and non-medicinal substances, ivermectin with colloidal silver.

Even the most charitable and pro ivermectin use website that reviews the meta-analysis of 75 studies says it is NOT a substitute for vaccination.

The People’s Republic of China, a horrible genocidal communist regime where it all started, once pushed traditional Chinese medicine as part of treatment. To some extent they still do, but still need to be vaccinated.

Sweden, the country where so many on the right wanted the United States to be like requires vaccination.

Honest and competent practitioners who do not discount the validity of traditional approaches to disease control or herbal medicine also know that modern scientific medicines also work and are equally valid. Being afraid of a needle is not a found belief in holistic medicine, it’s not noble, it’s just being afraid of a little pinch, and at worst a few aches.

Religious leaders of major faiths have said it is not against Christianity (including Protestantism), Judaism (including Orthodox Judaism), Islam or Buddhism to get vaccinated.

There is no scientific, religious, medical or ethical reason not to get vaccinated.

If knowing all those varied places and viewpoints that have taken a sober look at the data and decided that vaccination is necessary doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what to say. If you call it the “woke poke” or the jab after learning these things, then Darwin’s law will apply to you and yours and it will be sad.

Donald Trump is even in favor of vaccination and he has not woken up. He opposes government vaccination mandates and that is reasonable. Apart from specific situations, the government has no interest in this. I think business owners have the right to insist on the physical health of their employees within reason.

I WILL BE SAD for everyone who dies for no reason other than ignorance in the 21st century.

The process of science is driven by data not a debate.

There is a point in any field of science where we know nothing. Where expert scientists have to start from a little data to formulate hypotheses and take more observations or perform experiments. This is where we were at the start of 2020. We knew that Sars-Cov-2 was somehow like SARS. Thus, measures were taken as if it was just a repeat of SARS which did not spread much beyond southern China. Like MERS, another Sars-like virus that never spread far beyond the Middle East.

This is what Fauci, Dazak and others were operating on experimenting with similar viruses. They were wrong to be so against the idea that it was a lab leak. I was very vocal at the time about the straightforward logic that this was a lab leak. With new data, more data, they were driven by the data to the conclusion that a lab leak is very possible, as most of the scientific community has. This is how science works. We start with a very educated guess, use it to structure experiments and other investigations, and then reject the hypothesis or accept it. Then start again to verify the hypothesis. It is a process of endless refinement, never statements of absolute truth. Although some things are irrefutably proven by simple observations.

Vaccines work by creating antibodies that work to ensure that mild infections stay mild. That’s how they always work, it’s as sure a fact that the world is round and the speed of light in vacuum is constant.

Did they have other agendas of course! Scientists are people who want to keep our jobs. Our rent and our food are not free, my lawyer, my doctor, my hairdresser, do not work for free. Why wouldn’t scientists also want to be paid? We also don’t want to start World War III if the lab leak hypothesis turns out to be wrong, and it could have been wrong.

Joe Rogan, can’t seem to have an opinion on science. Nor can I tell my mechanic how to fix my car. He knows a lot about certain things. He should invite more guests who will challenge what you think. Invite a selection of guests who reflect the ratio of scientists who believe that vaccination is a valid and effective strategy for this disease. Even people who think ivermectin AND vaccination are valid would be a welcome change from him.

Something tells me that this open letter won’t matter let alone my blog even though it has been read by millions instead of thousands and thousands over time. Many social media influencers take themselves far too seriously and seem to think that a certain level of people listening to them means they know what they’re talking about. They forgot that people like to watch a train wreck.

Rogan in particular calls himself a smooth-brained ape. Listen occasionally to a highly evolved Australopithecus. We have worked hard to get there.

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