LIVE RADAR | Hurricane Ida is expected to make landfall in southeast Louisiana on Sunday evening



Since Saturday evening Ida winds have reached 105 MPH and gusts reach 125 MPH as the center is now in the open waters of the Gulf.

TEXAS, United States – Updated at 10:00 PM Saturday with the latest forecast.

Ida remains a Category 2 hurricane and is of particular concern for parts of the Gulf Coast, according to the latest updates from the National Hurricane Center.

A hurricane warning has been issued for most of the Louisiana and Mississippi coast.

Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida is located in the Gulf of Mexico and will experience rapid intensification over the next 12 to 18 hours. No major changes in the track or the schedule are planned.

At 10 p.m. Saturday, Ida was 145 miles southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River and was moving northwest at 16 mph.

It is still expected to make landfall in southeast Louisiana on Sunday afternoon or evening as a major hurricane with winds above 130 MPH. Since Saturday evening Ida winds have reached 105 MPH and gusts reach 125 MPH as the center is now in the open waters of the Gulf. You can also now see a well-defined eye forming as it rises north across the Gulf of Mexico.

Watch the latest forecast from 10pm below.

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What is Ida’s background?

Ida’s path becomes much more certain, and landing in Louisiana looks likely on Sunday night.

Remember that the edges of the cone are where the CENTER of the storm could make landfall. While the worst of the storm will be right in the middle, areas from the Texas / Louisiana border to West Florida will be affected by this storm.

How strong will Ida be?

Right now, the forecast is for the storm to become a Category 4 hurricane, with winds of 130mph on landing.

Could this make the storm stronger than currently expected?

The Gulf of Mexico is very hot, there is a lack of significant wind shear and a lack of dry air in its path. All of these things could contribute to a stronger storm.

The exact strength and intensity of tropical systems is still very difficult to predict.

This is definitely something worth watching in the future.

What does this mean for the Gulf Coast?

Areas near the landing will experience a potentially fatal storm surge, destructive winds and heavy rainfall from the end of the weekend until next week. Conditions could start to deteriorate along the Gulf Coast on Saturday evening.

Everyone in these areas must start preparing now for possible evacuations and preparing to protect life and property.

The storm surge could range from 7 to 11 feet along the Louisiana coast, where the storm made landfall with a strong wave throughout the Louisiana coast and into the Mississippi and Mississippi coasts. Alabama.

Precipitation is likely to cause flooding with potentially 10-15 inches of rain along the coast and 5-10 inches inland. Flooding will be a concern even for areas very far from the coast.

Winds will be strongest along the coast, but even strong inland winds are likely to cause damage and power outages.

What does Ida mean for North Texas?

Since North Texas will be well west of the storm, the wind and rain will stay away from our area.

One-time to scattered showers and storms are possible throughout the weekend until next week, but nothing more is likely.

We will continue to monitor the storm and keep you informed!

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