Maine bans threats of power disconnection during winter months


You might think this is an old story if you know the fact that Maine policy has been for years that electric utilities like CMP cannot shut off power to Maine residents. during the winter months. been passed regarding disconnection notices.

According to News Center Maine, a law Governor Janet Mills signed in June this year will prevent Maine power companies from sending threatening disconnection notices during the winter months in Pine Tree State.

Lawmakers, including Representative Seth Berry (D), believe that such opinions are damaging and often mislead the consumer. People behind on their electricity bills have received letters threatening to disconnect if they don’t pay, even in winter. This has led to thousands of Mainers contacting utilities and the Maine Public Utilities Commission directly in search of answers. And while their electricity cannot be legally disconnected in winter, notices sent indicate that this could still be the case in an attempt to force payment.

The new law will punish utilities that issue notices with threatening verbiage during the winter months with fines of up to $ 2,500. Doug Herling, President and CEO of Central Maine Power said in part:

“While we believed that CMP’s communications related to the winter disconnection were technically accurate and in compliance with regulatory requirements, we should have communicated more clearly and respectfully with customers on when and how they might be disconnected due to ‘a non-payment. “

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