Meet Searchbloom: Industry Experts Share Their Winning Formula for Paid Media

Cody Jensen

Searchbloom is a leading SEO, PPC and content marketing company. They have received dozens of awards for their technical skills and commitment to their promise. These Pay-Per-Click specialists explain how they get the most out of their partners’ investment in paid media.

Cody Jensen founded Searchbloom in 2015 with the goal of building a business that uses ethical and transparent strategies to deliver the promised return on investment to its partner clients.

Searchbloom lives by a promise: “We will never bring in a new partner client unless we know we can generate a return on investment” and they are proud to keep that promise.

The accolades they received speak for themselves. Highlights include Search Engine Land’s Best Retail Ecommerce SEO Initiative for two consecutive years and a coveted spot as 2nd Fastest Growing SEO Agency USA today. These are the picturesque tip of a iceberg of rewards.

Searchbloom is an authority in Pay-Per-Click marketing. They have helped many clients skyrocket their Google Ads ROI by harnessing the power of their proprietary methodology. AS (Assets, control and experimentation).

Their ACE in The Hole for PPC Marketing

Assets are the digital elements a business creates to move customers down the marketing funnel. Your landing pages, video ads, social media accounts, logos, advertisements, or any element of your brand guide can be examples of assets.

Google wants people who see its ads to have a great experience because their reputation is at stake. In general, the better your business assets, the less you will have to pay for the ads Google shows to your potential customers. .

Your assets must also be constantly improved and renewed to remain attractive and relevant to your audience and potential customers. Up-to-date, user-oriented assets can make a big difference in the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

Searchbloom does a thorough assessment of assets and enhances them to maximize impact. For example, in 2019, Searchbloom conducted a 270% increase in conversions year over year for a partner’s website by creating a more direct landing page.

Control is the process of properly setting up your paid media assets and ads.

Think of an ad as an experiment meant to win customers through strong assets. To improve your assets, you need to control as many variables as possible. The initial ads of a PPC campaign establish a baseline of asset performance, and future changes or assumptions are validated or rejected against this data.

So, clear data on conversions, traffic, views, ROAS, and other events are prerequisites that inform decisions when changing your PPC assets.

Adequate configuration of technical elements combined with the possibility of adjusting them over time is vital for Searchbloom to obtain optimal results.. This methodology allowed a 95% increase in Google Ads visibility between 2017 and 2018 for one of their partner clients.

Experimentation is the ultimate application of the scientific method: A/B or multi-variant testing deployed in a systematic way, isolating the effect of each variable to understand its impact and make sound long-term decisions.

Searchbloom is constantly improving campaigns for partner clients, even if the performance is already good. The objective is to increase the return on investment based on the data collectednot hunches or guesses.

For example, Searchbloom ran a test campaign against a controlling audience before expanding it to a partner who was struggling to increase reach to a stagnant audience. The result was a 161% increase in revenue.

Setting up Google Ads at a basic level may seem easy, but taking advantage of all the factors that differentiate an OK campaign from one that maximizes ROI requires technical mastery and insight that only a few agencies possess.

Searchbloom belongs to this elite.

If you would like to learn more about what they can do for your PPC strategy, we encourage you to visit their websitewhere you can get a free marketing plan.

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