Must-See Dinosaur Movies That Aren’t In Jurassic Park

There is something deeply fascinating about dinosaurs. These extinct giant reptiles have a knack for capturing our imaginations and sometimes striking fear in our hearts. Dinosaurs have been appearing in movies for over a century, and there’s no sign of it ever stopping. While the jurassic park The franchise is undoubtedly what most people think of when they imagine dinosaur movies, there are a ton of other dinosaur-filled movies to enjoy. Here’s our list of 11 must-see dinosaur movies that aren’t part of the Jurassic Park/jurassic world franchise.

1.King Kong (1933)

King Kong-1933

Almost 90 years later, the original King Kong is still an amazing movie. In case you weren’t aware, King Kong is about a huge monkey named Kong who becomes obsessed with a young woman named Ann (Fay Wray). While Kong is certainly featured in the movie, Skull Island’s various dinosaurs can’t be overlooked. The fight between Kong and the Tyrannosaurus is truly iconic and showcases the film’s excellent stop-motion animation. As one of the earliest and best examples of a dinosaur movie, the original King Kong should be included in this list.


2. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)


It was hard to let go Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutchersonthe 2008 version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. But for this list, we chose to highlight the Oscar-nominated 1959 version with james mason, Pat Boonand Arlene Dahl. Based on Jules Verne novel of the same name, the film follows a professor attempting to find a passage to the center of the Earth. While the film isn’t strictly about dinosaurs, it does feature some large extinct animals, including Dimetrodons and Megalanies. Yes, no more technically a dinosaur, but we’ll let it slide. Globally, Journey to the Center of the Earth is a fun adventure film, and the use of real life lizards for extinct animals is excellent.

3. The Gwangi Valley (1969)

The Gwangi Valley

The Gwangi Valley is a cult classic film about a failed rodeo that tries to capture prehistoric creatures to use in its shows. The rodeo cowboys manage to capture Gwangi, a dangerous Allosaurus, and bring him back with them. But when Gwangi gets loose, chaos ensues. The Gwangi ValleyDinosaurs are animated models using stop-motion effects. The dinosaur animation and designs are excellent and still hold up over 50 years later. The plot is really unique too. There aren’t many movies with dinosaurs and cowboys side by side. If you haven’t seen The Gwangi Valley before, it is really worth the detour.

4. The Last Dinosaur (1977)

The last dinosaur

The last dinosaur is a Japanese and American television movie released in 1977. The film follows billionaire hunter Mason Thrust (Richard Boon) as he goes on an expedition to find hidden dinosaurs around a volcano in the polar ice caps. Although once they begin their adventure, the team quickly discovers that they are being hunted by a killer Tyrannosaurus. Now it’s hunter versus hunter in a fight for survival. The last dinosaurThe costumed man’s dinosaurs are a lot of fun and give the movie a lot of nerdy charm.

5. Land Before Time (1988)

The land before time

Directed by a legendary animator Don Bluth, The land before time has captivated fans for decades. Beside jurassic park, this movie is perhaps the most iconic dinosaur movie ever made. All in The land before time overflows with charm. The characters are fun and colorful, and the childish names for everything are charming (long necks, tree stars, pointy teeth, etc.). This movie will have you smiling and tugging at your heartstrings, no matter how old you are. The land before time Do not miss.

6. Dinosaur (2000)


If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, you probably have a strong nostalgic fondness for Dinosaur. The film was produced by Disney Animation and was one of the most expensive computer-animated films when it was released. In Dinosaur, we follow Aladar, an Iguanodon raised by lemurs. After a meteor hits Earth, Aladar, his family, and a group of other dinosaurs must embark on a journey to find the nesting sites. The film was a big hit for Disney and was the fifth highest-grossing film of 2000.

7. The Lost World (2001)

The lost World

No, it’s not the second jurassic park movie. The Lost World (2001) is a British television film based on the Arthur Conan Doyle book of the same name. Although it was made for television, The lost World was well received and is generally considered one of the best adaptations of its source material. movie stars Bob Hoskin like George Challenger, a professor who sets out on an expedition to find dinosaurs in South America. Although they are over 20 years old, the 3D dinosaurs hold up well, and the film shares many of its animal models with the Walking with prehistoric life BBC documentaries.

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8. You are Umasou (2010)

You are Umasu

You are Umasu is an anime film based on a series of Japanese children’s books. The film tells the story of Heart, a tyrannosaur raised by a herbivorous Maiasaura family. As Heart grows, he struggles with his identity and predatory instincts. Things get even more complicated when a baby Ankylosaurus imprints on Heart and believes it to be its father. The film is heartwarming and highly entertaining for dinosaur fans of all ages. If You Want To See A Cartoon Tyrannosaurus Fighting With Martial Arts You Must Watch You are Umasu.

9. The Dinosaur Project (2012)

The dinosaur project

The dinosaur project is a British found footage film written and directed by Sid Bennet. The film follows a group of cryptozoology researchers and cameramen who travel to the Congo. The team is looking for the Mokele-mbembe, a plesiosaur that supposedly resides in the rivers of the Congo. But when they arrive in the jungle, they find much more than a Loch Ness Monster. The group discovers a plethora of dangerous dinosaurs and are quickly thrown into a survival scenario. Found movie fans will enjoy this unique take on a dinosaur movie.

10. Walking with Dinosaurs (2013)

Walk with the dinosaurs

Everyone loves a good underdog story, and when you add dinosaurs to the mix, things get even better. 2013 Walk with the dinosaurs is visually one of the best dinosaur movies. The dinosaurs are captivating to watch and the scenery is beautiful. The story centers on Patchi, a small Pachyrhinosaurus. Over the course of the film, Patchi must overcome the loss of his father and face his bullying brother to become the leader of the pack and save the day. the Walk with the dinosaurs The team worked with several paleontologists to ensure the 3D dinosaurs looked and moved as they should. They even gave some dinosaurs feathers, including Troodon and Hesperonychus. Although the film did not correct all the paleontological details, Walk with the dinosaurs was yet another step in the right direction for depictions of extinct animals. The film’s humor is written for a young audience, but both children and adults can appreciate the well-crafted dinos.

11. The Good Dinosaur (2015)

The good dinosaur

The good dinosaur had a celebrated production that was filled with revisions and director and cast changes. The film is considered one of Pixar’s weakest projects and didn’t generate much buzz (or profit) upon release. The good dinosaur takes place in an alternate timeline where dinosaurs never died out and live alongside early humans. The film follows Arlo, the kind-hearted but shy Apatosaurus, and a cave boy named Spot, as they embark on a journey to reunite with Arlo’s family. While it may not be Pixar’s finest work, it’s still a beautifully animated, dinosaur-filled take on the western genre.


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