New federal UFO office worries ufologists

A new office was recently promulgated to study the “unidentified aerial phenomenon”, but it has divided the UFO community.

The new legislation, buried in Article 1683 of the National Defense Authorization Act, brings more resources and rigor.

  • “Our national security efforts are based on air supremacy and these phenomena present a challenge to our domination,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, DN.Y., who led the measure, by NBC News.
  • “The United States needs a coordinated effort to take control and understand whether these aerial phenomena are owned by a foreign government or something else.”

Why is the new office a point of contention?

  • “It’s a subject with a provable history of secrecy, and anything lacking in a new openness to information is subject to more, perhaps inappropriate scrutiny,” said Ron James, spokesperson for The Mutual. UFO Network, which presents itself as “the oldest and the largest ufology organization in the world”, according to the report.
  • “We do not see that this means that new resources will be devoted to the issue. We believe that significant resources have always been devoted to this issue at some level within government and industry, ”added James.

Luis Elizondo, a former government insider who sparked renewed interest in unidentified aerial phenomena by posting a video of military planes, wrote in a editorial on the Hill that he is “not convinced (that) burying this (problem) in the deep, dark bowels of the Pentagon under an intelligence organization is the best way to shed light on a subject that requires a whole-of-government approach.” Instead, the government should bring in and rely on outside experts, like the problem of climate change.

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