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Muncy, PA – A new restaurant, Bigfoot Subs, opened its day today. Located in Muncy, PA, the new sub-boutique offers a vibrant menu that’s sure to delight foodies and cryptozoologists alike.

“Inspired by a family fascination with cryptozoology, we came up with a larger-than-life menu with traditional and quirky sandwiches,” said Brian Taggart, one of the store owners.

A customer places his order in Bigfoot Subs.

After years of researching and visiting restaurants across the country, Brian and Mark Taggart were ready to open theirs. The two brothers, with the help of friends and family, worked together to get Bigfoot Subs ready for its opening day.

The store opened to customers today at 11 a.m. Within minutes, the phone was ringing nonstop and a line of socially estranged people showed up at the door.

Outside the store entrance, a masked Bigfoot stands under a table with free hand sanitizer and face masks to help customers stay healthy while shopping for their food.


A Bigfoot statue, face masks and hand sanitizer in front of Bigfoot Subs.

Menu options include a variety of sandwiches as well as the option to make your own. The bread is freshly baked on site, as are most of the ingredients. The shop uses Boar’s Head cold cuts and cheeses, a favorite among sandwich lovers. The boutique also offers a rotating menu of seasonal soups and salads.


The Herby (Vore) sandwich and the outside seating area of ​​Bigfoot Subs.

With fun sandwich names like “The Yeti” and the ability to “make it legendary,” ordering food feels like an adventure. Children 12 and under can order a “Junior Squatch”, which includes a small submarine, choice of side dish and a drink.

Bigfoot Subs is located at 21 Kristi Rd. In Penn Hills Plaza. Orders can be placed by phone or in the store, and catering for major events is also available. Now that they’re open, anyone can go check out Bigfoot’s “legendary” sandwiches and help the new business get off to a good start.

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