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Bandai Namco’s latest hack and slash JRPG Scarlet Nexus is making a name for itself when it releases worldwide on PS4. The game is trendy and has a unique art style that I personally love to watch over and over again. I really enjoyed playing Scarlet Nexus upon release and hope to see one or more DLC sequel or more in the future as it really appealed to my creative mind.

Scarlet Nexus takes place in the distant future where a psionic hormone has been discovered in the human brain, granting humans extra-sensory powers, changing the world as we know it. As humanity got stronger, unexpected creatures called OTHERS started appearing out of nowhere and started harvesting human brains to become stronger or even evolve further. In order to combat this, the government created a military organization called OSF.

The game mainly focuses on its two main characters, Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Their stories and styles of play differ from each other. However, they have parts where the two stories intersect. Personally, I like the idea that we can choose which road we play on and know how their interactions affect each other based on their decisions. Not only that, the story of the game is full of twists and turns, as well as exciting moments. This allows for great storytelling on the part of the game with its unique settings, characters, and many more. There are many aspects of the story that make it very appealing. We can say that the presentation is truly a work of art.

Scarlet Nexus on PS4.

The gameplay of Scarlet Nexus may seem simplistic, but it adapts well to the setting of the game. The controls were quite easy to understand as well as the use of PSY abilities to use items to break the defense of my opponents. Breaking an enemy is all the more interesting as its health bar becomes critical. I can clearly see when and how to finish them thanks to brain-jacking finishers. The finishing animations for each instance were separate for the OTHER, which makes it interesting despite moving repeatedly. If you do, this OTHER drops rare items that can be used to upgrade weapons, equipment, and more.

I like the fact that ability use isn’t limited to the character’s own powers. The game actively encourages players to borrow the powers of their allies. Bond building between allies increases in proportion to bond levels which are increased either by offering gifts or by playing their bond episodes. This type of feature is interesting as we learn more about the origins and traits of the characters as well as some truths behind the world of Scarlet Nexus.

The leveling system is a point distribution system that is divided into 5 sections. Each branch focuses on the use of melee weapons, PSY skills, Brain Drive, Brain Field or Support. When upgrading your chosen main character, not only do we get new skills and perks to defeat our opponents, but we can also develop more abilities to further increase our PSY abilities. This becomes particularly useful when using the Brain Drive.

Scarlet Nexus on PS4.

Another feature that piqued my interest the most was the brain field. Using this feature greatly increases the use of his PSY skills and the use of objects around them to attack enemies simultaneously. However, there are great risks to using this capability. The more the user uses the brain field, the more health is depleted over time. In some cases, it can even lead to death. Using this feature is like handling a double-edged sword that tends to bite you.

The final boss and the final zone were exceptionally difficult as most of the OTHERS I fought were bigger and harder to defeat. Considering the tactics and powers I need to get through this area, I found myself very entertained and the whole effort challenged me. And yet it created a wonderful experience as I faced through thick and thin. I needed to use all of my SAS abilities and sword skills to make victory possible. And finally, the end of the story was emotional enough that I wanted either an additional DLC episode or another sequel to the game.

Really, this new hack and slash game is suitable for those who want to challenge themselves to defeat powerful enemies who are bigger or more agile than us.

While there are a lot of good sides about it, there are a few bad sides as well. One of the negatives I noticed while playing the game was the low res textures found in the environment. Additionally, there were some parts of the game where the enemy would suddenly appear between the walls, making them hard to hit, or rather to attack, causing previous checkpoints to be reloaded or PSY skills used to hit them. . This unexpected bad point needs to be handled properly by the developers.

Another issue that I find concerning is with the camera controls. With the high octane rating and the use of PSY skills, the camera controls seem to be too sensitive, making it difficult for me to target my enemies even during boss fights. While the game should focus on the uniqueness of the setting, the camera should respond accordingly. Otherwise, I’m afraid this issue may cause a lot of distress to many Bandai Namco fans in the future.

Scarlet Nexus on PS4.

Overall, Scarlet Nexus is worth buying, especially for those who want to challenge themselves. The story, animation, gameplay and setting prove that Scarlet Nexus has what it takes to become a new tipping point for Bandai Namco to surpass other JRPG titles. I highly recommend gamers to play the demo first and then if they’re happy get the full version of the game. Scarlet Nexus will definitely open up a new way of playing JRPG games and unlock a series of unique challenges that will shake up perception. of players on how to complete a game.

Definition of score

When a game’s problems are solved and trampled on by its greatness, then this is something to invest in if you have a spare.


Smooth Hack Slash Fighting Style

The storytelling is awesome

The game animation is unique and has a sensory charm

Character designs have a certain advantage that appeals to gamers and cosplayers

Boss battles are battles you can’t get enough of.

The inconvenients

Camera controls are too sensitive, especially in combat

Low texture on landscapes

Maps of the region are a bit confusing

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