Scientists around the world call for open letter for investigation into origin of SARS-CoV2


MORE THAN 30 scientists from around the world, including three from India, reiterated in an open letter their demand for a full investigation into the origin of SARS-CoV2.

Scientists include Jamie Metzl, principal investigator, Atlantic Council, United States, Virginie Courtier, evolutionary geneticist based in Paris, and Richard Ebright, professor of chemistry at Rutgers University, United States.

Rahul Bahulikar from Pune, Principal Scientist at BAIF Development and Research Foundation, Monali Rahalkar, Scientist, Bioenergy Group at Agharkar Research Institute, and Sk Sarif Hassan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Pingla Thana Mahavidyalaya, West Benga, I am the signatories of the letter which demands a scientific and forensic investigation into the plausible original hypotheses.

The couple of scientists from Pune, Dr Monali Rahalkar and her husband, Dr Rahul Bahulikar, had themselves conducted a targeted and systematic research investigation to join some of the points on the possible theory of the origin of the virus in the laboratory. This is the fourth open letter, said Dr Rahalkar.

Signing the letter released on June 28, the scientists said, “All people and nations, including China, have a vested interest in identifying the origin of the pandemic and in resolving our more major vulnerabilities. It is therefore particularly regrettable that no in-depth investigation of all plausible origins has yet been carried out and none are currently planned.

On June 12, the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that the families of the millions of people who have died from Covid-19 “deserve to know what is the origin of this virus, in order to that we can prevent it from happening again ”.

In line with this aspiration, G7 leaders issued a joint statement the next day calling for “a timely, transparent, expert-led, science-based Phase 2 study into the origins of Covid-19, including, as the recommends the experts’ report. , in China”.

Scientists and science communicators, who called for a full investigation into the origins of the pandemic in three open letters earlier this year, welcomed the statements and again called for a full scientific and forensic investigation into all plausible original assumptions with unrestricted access to all relevant records, samples and personnel in China and, where applicable, beyond.

The letter said failure to thoroughly investigate the origins of the pandemic puts everyone and future generations at unnecessary risk, and it calls on world leaders to take a two-track approach to ensure the investigation. as complete as possible on the origins of the pandemic.

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