Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo is corrupted and unplayable


Chaos scored a quick victory over the Warriors of Light, as the demo of Strangers From Heaven Final Fantasy Origin on PlayStation 5 is currently corrupted and unplayable. Strangers from paradise is to come Final fantasy Action RPG, with gameplay reminiscent of the Dark souls series.

The existence of a game called Origin of Final Fantasy was leaked last month, with leaks claiming it was co-developed by Team Ninja from Dead or alive Fame. The game was officially unveiled at the Square Enix Presents Summer Showcase at E3 2021, under the name Aliens From Heaven Final Fantasy Origin. The initial trailer showed a game that was much darker and more violent than the others. Final fantasy Games. It is likely that Strangers from paradise takes place in the same world as the first Final fantasy Thu.

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the Strangers in paradise the announcement was accompanied by the reveal of a PS5-exclusive demo, called the Trial version. the Trial version was made available for download shortly after the presentation, but people couldn’t actually play it. Launch of Strangers from paradise The program on the PS5 home screen displays a message stating that the game is corrupted and will not start. Square Enix has released an official statement on the Stranger from Heaven Final Fantasy Origin Twitter. The company is trying to fix the issue, but they haven’t given an ETA on when it could be updated and made functional.

It is not known whether these technical issues will prolong the demo’s timed availability. the Trial version was supposed to be active June 13-24, with a survey of the game available June 13-30. If it takes a few days for the problems with the Trial version to be resolved, then Square Enix could extend the duration of its availability. It wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix had to extend a timed deal due to last-minute delays.

Strangers from paradise looks like a promising game, but it didn’t have the best start. The self-proclaimed Warriors of Light may be determined to take down the chaos, but it looks like they can’t compete with some computer issues. It is also possible that this delay is due to issues with the PlayStation Store, rather than a problem on the side of Square Enix. Either way, it looks like potential fans will have to wait a while to battle the chaos on their own.

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Stranger from Heaven Final Fantasy Origin will be released on PC, PS4. PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in 2022. The Trial version The demo is currently available for download on PS5.

Source: Stranger From Heaven Final Fantasy Origin / Twitter

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