Surveillance video shows traffic stopped before CPD agent Ella French was shot dead; 2 loaded


CHICAGO (WLS) – Two people have been charged in the fatal shooting of Constable Ella French, 29, who was killed during a traffic stop in West Englewood on Saturday night. His partner remains in the hospital after being shot.

Emonte Morgan, 21, is charged with first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, aggravated illegal use of a weapon and illegal use of a weapon by a criminal, according to the District Attorney’s Office. Cook County.

Eric Morgan, 22, is charged with aggravated illegal use of a weapon, illegal use of a weapon by a criminal and obstruction of justice, the County State Attorney’s Office said. Cook.

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Police said Emonte Morgan both killed French and shot his partner three times. Her brother Eric, police said, was driving the car that officers had pulled over for expired tags.

The I-Team acquired a still police body camera image from the night of the fatal shooting which shows the moment before a firefight began. It shows Agent French shining his flashlight on the driver’s side of the car, where Eric is said to be sitting. The passenger is not identified by ABC7 at this time as she has not been charged in the incident.

When Officer French asked Eric Morgan to hand over the car keys and get out, he did. But police said Emonte Morgan, who was sitting in the back seat, would not cooperate. Investigators say he fought with police and had his gun on his belt.

Officials said the two officers had their guns in a holster when Emonte pulled out a gun and shot the two officers. Both officers fell to the ground and body cameras were still rolling and captured the suspect stepping on officers’ bodies while carrying a gun.

Emonte, also known as “Monte”, and Eric Morgan were both taken into custody without bail after Tuesday’s hearings. Emonte did not appear in court; he is hospitalized at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn after police shot him dead following the shootings of French and his partner.

“This is the first step towards justice as we work to honor our late officer and his partner,” said Superintendent CPD. David Brown.

French was one of the officers who took a month-old baby and her mother to hospital on July 2 when the baby was shot in the head in a mass shooting in Englewood.

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The baby’s uncle said French was driving the hospital herself and the family wanted to thank her. He said his niece is doing well now and the family are very grateful for the result.

Flags across the city fly at half mast. The 29-year-old is remembered with the raising of a purple and black mourning flag.

A vigil was held in West Englewood for her on Monday evening, the place where she was killed marked with a cross bearing her name and the photo of her department.

“She was brave, spontaneous,” said CPD officer Erica Hernandez, fighting back tears. “She was an amazing person to be around.”

First responders showed their support with another group of firefighters bringing a few boxes of donuts to the area on a Monday for the officers.

A third suspect is in stable condition at Christ Hospital, police said.

Police said the three suspects were arrested during a routine traffic stop on Saturday night near 63rd Street and Bell Avenue in West Englewood when police said they exchanged gunshots with police officers. community security, including Agent French.

Neighbors who lived nearby said they heard at least four gunshots.

The video shows who the neighbors identified as the driver of the car, now identified by police as Eric Monte, fleeing the scene. Neighbors said he jumped over the fence to escape.

Neighbors said they attacked the man, who was also armed with a gun, and waited for officers to stop him.

“Dying because of a traffic stop, I’m sorry, it hurt me so badly,” said Yvette Smith, a neighbor paying homage to him.

“Traffic stops have always been a difficult thing for the police because you know what you are doing but you have no idea what this person is, if they are wanted for a heinous crime,” said Phil Cline. , executive director of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. “They have a gun in this case here. So you have to approach every traffic stop like that, and it’s difficult.

French joined the Chicago Police Department in 2018 after previously working with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department.

French is Chicago’s first female police officer killed in the line of duty since 1988. It is also the first time that a CPD agent has died in the line of duty since Mayor Lori Lightfoot took office. .

“A mother lost her daughter last night,” Mayor Lightfoot said. “A brother, his sister. A forever broken family. Another continues to watch over a hospital bed, sending powerful prayers but undoubtedly fearing the worst. “

Vigil organized for the seriously injured 2nd officer outside the hospital

A vigil in support of Agent French’s partner was held outside the hospital, as his family stays by his bedside as he fights for his life.

The officer, who remains in intensive care, has been in post since August 2014. Friends say he is 39 years old and married with a young son.

Sources tell the I-Team that the injured officer has three gunshot wounds: one came out of an eye, one lodged in the back of his head and one hit his shoulder.

Officers clung to name tags bearing prayers, hoping he would make it through.

“Everyone is up there right now praying for him,” close friend Lewis Garcia said. “I hope everyone is praying for him too.”

“I ask Chicago to put its arms around our police officers today and encourage them to continue their great work to protect us all,” said Superintendent David Brown.

The pastor of his church had a moment of silence for him during the Sunday service, adding that he loved the community he served.

“The father, I was saying to him, ‘you need to rest,'” New Life Community Church pastor Mark Jobe said. “He said, ‘No, I’m going to stay here as many days as it takes and not leave my son. “”

He went on to say that the officer loved the community where he was shot, “had a real heart for the community, for the people.”

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“It wasn’t an assignment where he felt stuck in this area. He really loved this place and has an amazing wife and a little boy, ”Jobe said.

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