In his follow-up book Inside spaceships (later renamed Inside the flying saucers), Adamski dipped into the heart of the matter with a little preamble. Having been lured to Los Angeles by overwhelming urge, Adamski was greeted by name by what appeared to be two perfectly normal well-dressed businessmen. As you may have deduced from my clever use of the word “appeared”, they were not, in fact, businessmen, but were in fact aliens. However, neither of them were Orthon the Venusian…in fact, as it is soon revealed, neither of them were Venusians at all!

“The lights and dwellings cleared as we left the outskirts of town. The taller man spoke for the first time, saying, ‘You’ve been very patient. We know how much you wonder who we are. are and where we are taking you.

“I admitted that of course I was wondering, but I added that I was completely satisfied to wait for this information until they decided to give it to me.

“The speaker smiled and pointed to the driver. “He comes from the planet you call Mars. I am from what you call Saturn.

As a reminder, Saturn is a gas giant, with a small rocky core covered in frozen hydrogen, all nestled in an atmosphere several thousand kilometers thick and dense enough to crush any human long before it approach to the center. In the unlikely event that is life on Saturn (or in Saturn’s atmosphere) is most certainly not human, nor would it resemble any type of life we ​​have ever observed (although some of the creatures found in the darkest depths of the oceans may provide some clues as to what the characteristics of a “Saturnian” might be).

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