They are investigating if the triple parricide of Elche killed his parents and brother for leaving him without wifi

A punishment for bad grades could have been the trigger for the triple parricide that occurred this Friday in a single-family house in Elche, in the district of Algoda: the investigators believe that the mother of the alleged murderer, 15 years old, argued with him about his poor grades in school and decided to leave him without Wi-Fi and a cell phone. The same sources explained by Efe that the miner also would have refused to do certain chores in the countryside, where they lived.

Anyway, what we know is that the young man lived at least three days with the bodies of his parents and his brother (10 years old), which he would have shot dead and whose bodies he later kept in a shed.

The voice of the alarm on the event Two of his aunts would have given him, who came home alarmed at the lack of news from their loved ones. There they met the minor, who would have confessed to them the triple crime perpetrated last Tuesday.

Investigators believe the first shot was received by the mother, after the dispute over the notes. Next, the teenager shot his brother. Eventually he did it against his father, after finding out what had happened.

After learning of the event, several ambulances went to the scene to attend to the relatives. The judicial commission drew up a report and transferred the bodies to the Forensic Institute of Anatomy perform autopsies on Saturday.

Likewise, the custody court decreed on Friday evening the secret of performance and informed the Juvenile Public Prosecutor’s Office to adopt the appropriate preventive measures.

black week

Elche thus closes a dark week in which a skull and bone remains were also discovered on the outskirts of the municipality, buried in the sand.

After calling 112, National Police officers discovered that there were in fact two skulls together. During the exhumation carried out by a forensic doctor from the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Alicante with the participation of agents of the general police station of Madrid Both bodies were found to have been handcuffed and, due to remnants of the duct tape, it is assumed that they were gagged prior to the fatal outcome.

The autopsy carried out confirmed that, far from what one believed, that they could have been buried for 30 years, in fact two have passed since the death. One of the assumptions with which the Police work is that it would be a couple of Aspe -town near Elche- in which one of the two members, surely the man, has been involved in cases related to drug trafficking.

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