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“Follow the science! The mantra that rings the halls of Washington, DC We hear it from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We’ve heard it over and over from old Doc Fauci. Enough nonsense.

What is “science? »Maintain a social distance. Wear a mask. Get your ‘shot in the arm’. Many of us have done it. Get the second shot, wait two weeks, and you’re good to go – ditch the masks and social distancing.

But wait! People who have had two “arm injections” can get COVID-19. What happened to science? Then they discovered the delta variant. NS ! Guess what? Science has changed / evolved.

The facts are clear. The age-old wisdom regarding science has been proven to be true – again. Many politicians got it wrong. The truth is, when politicians preach to us to “follow the science”, it is the code to “do what we say”. How many times has “science” changed in the past year? Wear the mask, don’t wear the mask. Get vaccinated – become ‘bulletproof’, but you are not. We’ve all seen the reversals, and neither politicians nor highly paid Fauci can deny them. They only have one alibi. They are very good at it.

Let us come to the heart of the matter. What exactly is science? Supposedly intelligent people calling something scientific don’t. Let’s look at some very old problems in science. Scientists once decreed the Earth to be flat. There was a “consensus”. It was accepted science. For years, Einstein convinced scientists that the universe was stable. It wasn’t until 1931 that Edwin Hubble convinced Einstein of a dynamic and expanding universe. Science itself is dynamic (evolving).

Scientific theories evolve from the examination of evidence. Because evidence changes (or new ones emerge) over time, theories necessarily change. This has been demonstrated repeatedly by the ever-changing, sometimes contradictory, dictates emanating from the Centers for Disease Control.

Whatever COVID prevention is today at any given time, they are calling it “science” to give it credibility – regardless of what they said was science last week. The frequent contradiction does not seem to concern them.

Science can (and does) change or even reverse in an instant. Thus, they should give up the mantra “Follow the science”. Be realistic with “this is what we think today”.

If they continue with “Follow the Science” our only logical answer has to be: which version? Maybe they should start numbering them.

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