TTCM) Matt Moneymaker from “Finding Bigfoot” TV Show on Animal Planet, Partners with Tautachrome to Use Tautachrome’s ARknet Platform to Build Citizen Science Communities


ORO VALLEY, Ariz., Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM), the developer of the ARknet platform, today announced that Matt Moneymaker of the popular “Finding Bigfoot” TV show on Animal Planet partners with ARknet to build communities using the Citizen Science Platform.

While Tautachrome has worked hard to reinvent the way the world verifies and uses images and video, Matt Moneymaker has been busy conducting investigations in cryptozoology, the study of undiscovered animal species.

In an era when so many social media posts on the internet are being branded as disinformation or hoaxes, Tautachrome is teaming up with Matt Moneymaker, the person known to debunk the “Georgia Bigfoot Body” hoax in the summer of 2008. Matt specializes in auditing. evidence and observations gathered from eyewitnesses.

This unified intention to build interactive and verified global sighting maps is not limited only to bigfoot communities. With Matt’s influence, he will reach deeply into the UFO research community. The combined number of people deeply interested in these two activities runs into the millions.

Over the past three and a half decades, Matt Moneymaker has dedicated his career to investigating eyewitness reports and collecting evidence pointing to the existence of bigfoots. He is the most prominent person in the bigfoot field research community – the one who practically started the community in the 1980s. His networking with witnesses and other field researchers across North America North led to the hit TV series “Finding Bigfoot” from 2011. Among bigfoot researchers, he is also famous for getting the recording “Ohio Howl” in 1994 – the first recording of the howl of a big sasquatch male. In 1992, Matt was the first person to do a science presentation on the sounds of bigfoots. The presentation took place at Rutgers University during the annual meeting of the International Society of Cryptozoology. He was also the first person to organize large-scale expeditions to America.

Matt has worked closely with television stations producing several documentaries and television series on the subject. His first documentary was “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science” on the Discovery Channel. “Mysterious Encounters” was the first television series he produced, and also the very first series on the subject of bigfoot. He assembled the cast of Finding Bigfoot for its first season in 2011. The series ran for 100 episodes and is still appearing in reruns on Animal Planet.

Founded by Matt in 1995, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) is today the oldest and largest organization of its kind, a virtual community of scientists, journalists and scholars from diverse backgrounds. The researchers who make up the BFRO are engaged in projects, including field and laboratory investigations, designed to address various aspects of the bigfoot phenomenon. Due to the education and experience of its members and the quality of their efforts, BFRO is widely regarded as the most credible and respected citizen science investigative network involved in the study of this. topic.

Regarding the ARknet platform, Matt commented, “It has become evident over the years that there needs to be a phone app to facilitate various types of ‘citizen science’ efforts and build communities around them, including starting with two of the world’s greatest mysteries: Bigfoots and UFOs. There’s a zeitgeist for that right now.

“I was delighted with the functionality that the ARknet app already provides in this regard. And the same ARknet tools can be used for many other participatory citizen science initiatives. The process will make this app a must have app on your phone with an enthusiastic and well-connected community. It will become a cultural institution. Popular interest in its flagship components will never die. “

ARknet Platform Architect Jordan Gray said: “As well as being able to show how powerful the ARknet platform’s proximity notification and alert system can be, it is also a great opportunity to adapt our easy-to-use mapping and path-following tools to identify other photographs. Capture media locations and submit to investigators on the platform. This will be the first time that we have expanded our User Generated Content (UGC) review team and is part of our deliberate and measured expansion. As other sectors join ARknet in different areas of interest like ornithology (for bird watchers), entomology (bug enthusiasts) more and more experts will be part of the ARknet platform. to do a “differential diagnosis” if you will. There are infinitely more unknowns in our universe than what is known. “

David LaMountain, COO of Tautachrome said today: “With millions of viewers around the world, I am personally a huge fan of the Finding Bigfoot TV series, but I cannot stress enough the importance of the announcement. today. The development of ARknet has reached the point where we can now regularly add influencer partnerships like this leading to more and more new user communities using different and unique aspects of the ARknet platform. “

Dr Jon N Leonard, CEO of Tautachrome, added: “Less than 2 months ago, on June 25, 2021, the US Congress released the findings of US military investigations revealing the existence of a range of sightings of ‘Unresolved UFOs. With this publication, the study of UFOs, historically ignored as a pseudo-science, suddenly became an important science. Until ARknet, tools were not readily available to enable scientists to study massive, decentralized, and collective sightings, document, authenticate, and track those sightings in an organized and efficient manner. With the ARknet platform, science can now use a new area of ​​useful and massively participatory citizen science activity. Tautachrome is proud to make this new field possible with its constantly expanding ARknet platform. “

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