US intelligence report: 140 unexplained UFOs, no aliens


The U.S. intelligence community has released a much anticipated report June 25, 2021, on what the military call unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP. This is military jargon for what most of us call UFOs. The US intelligence report listed 144 such objects between 2004 and this year. The navy aviators saw several of them. But the report did not present any clear evidence for visitors from another planet (or any sort of otherworldly cause). This also didn’t rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors.

Among other possible causes, the report says the Earth’s atmosphere could play tricks on the Navy’s sensors. He mentioned high-tech devices from secret American or foreign military programs. The report said a “lack of data” prevented more definitive answers.

US intelligence report: what is it?

The report proposed five categories of potential explanations:

Human stuff. The report says human-made objects – for example, balloons or even plastic bags – could be mistaken for gear on the Navy’s sensors. One of 144 matches definitely characterized by “high confidence” was later identified as “a big deflating balloon”, according to the report.

Light or water tips in the earth’s atmosphere. Ice crystals, humidity, or heat fluctuations may have been recorded as flying objects by cameras and sensors on Navy planes or ships at sea.

Secret American Technology. Unlikely, the report said, but said, for the purposes of this report, the US intelligence community was “unable to confirm” government programs classified as the source of the UAP’s sightings.

Secret technology of foreign adversaries. The task force said there was also a lack of data to confirm or deny this possibility.

“Other.” This is where the traditional idea of ​​UFOs comes in. But, just like in the categories above (related to secret US or foreign programs), the report lacked data to confirm or deny.

Senator Marco Rubio requested the report

Senator Marco rubio (R-Fla.), The vice chairman of the intelligence committee, originally requested the report in December 2020. With help from the Senate Intelligence Committee, his demand called for an unclassified report on everything government agencies know about UAPs within six months. This includes the dozens of unusual sightings reported by military pilots. Rubio Recount the Washington post:

For years the men and women we trust to defend our country have reported encounters with unidentified planes of superior capability, and for years their concerns have often been ignored and ridiculed. This report is an important first step in cataloging these incidents, but it is only the first step. The Department of Defense and the intelligence community have a lot of work to do before we can truly understand whether these air threats present a serious national security concern.

NASA is also studying UAPs

Bill Nelson was sworn as the new NASA administrator on May 3, 2021. Nelson, former Florida senator and spaceflight veteran, told CNN on June 3 that he asked NASA scientists to get more involved.

Nelson said he wanted NASA researchers to explore new questions regarding PANs.

UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena – have been sighted by Navy pilots and from ships at sea. The image is a video via the Washington post.

Astronomers are skeptical

Hard evidence is the keystone of the scientific process. Scientists would not be inclined to believe that extraterrestrial visitors are the cause of UFO sightings, or UAPs, unless they have proof. On June 18, 2021, Texas A&M University astronomer Nick Suntzeff, who has been involved in space research for 30 years, emailed the media. In it, he said he wanted the Navy and the media to ask an astronomer (someone who has experience observing the sky) before drawing any conclusions about any unusual sightings. He said in his email:

For starters, have you ever noticed that UAP images and videos are usually blurry?

In recent videos that are now gaining a lot of attention called FLIR1, Gimbal, Triangle, and GoFast, for example, consider the triangular UFO. In the video you can also see other objects which are triangles. Are these sister UFOs? No. This means the camera was out of focus and the camera pupil (shutter) was triangular. One person measured the positions of weak triangles (and a bright one) and showed that they are at the positions of stars near the constellation Taurus and the planet Jupiter. In addition, this UFO flashes in the same way as a commercial airplane. It was taken off the coast of Los Angeles where there is a lot of air traffic. This is a blurry video taken with an infrared camera.

This is an example of an explanation that matches the data. Now, why didn’t the Navy provide this explanation? They should have asked an astronomer before playing the video as they could have quickly shown that it was a blurry image.

Suntzeff also mentioned that by far the most common “UFO” sighting is the planet Venus. He said:

I once got a phone call from an excited person telling me they could see a UFO right now. It moves back and forth, and sometimes it suddenly gets closer and then pulls away. I asked them if they could still see it. Yes! So I drove to the parking lot and there was a group of people gathered pointing up to the sky. I went there and asked them to show me where it is. I look up there, and it’s Venus. I tell them it’s Venus. I look at him and he doesn’t move. It sparkled a bit but otherwise, nothing abnormal. As we watched they admitted it wasn’t moving but was assured it was before I arrived.

Venus is back in the evening sky. Visit the EarthSky Planet Guide

A thin crescent moon with a very bright object nearby.
View photos from the EarthSky community. | Most UFO reports turn out to be the planet Venus. Rob Pettengill was in West Texas when he captured this image. He called the picture Waiting for the lights of Marfa and captured it on June 11, 2021, when the young moon was near Venus.

“I wish we had better evidence”

More recently, astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson appeared to reiterate Suntzeff’s skepticism. He told CNN on Friday, June 25, that there is no reason to jump to the conclusion that UAPs, or UFOs, are spacecraft from distant planets, saying:

Just because you don’t know what it is doesn’t mean you know what it is.

Tyson said he was personally not convinced the PANs are extraterrestrial visitors, commenting:

… I wish we had better evidence than a monochrome, fuzzy marine video.

Read the U.S. intelligence community’s unclassified report on UFOs

Conclusion: A new US intelligence report – released June 25, 2021 – cannot “confirm or deny” that unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, sighted by Navy pilots are due to extraterrestrial visitors.

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