Vivica Fox is called CREEPY after describing a love scene with actor Morris Chestnut !!



Vivica Foxx went viral this morning, MTO News learned, after making controversial comments about how she behaved with actor Morris Chestnut, when the two starred opposite each other in the 2001 romantic comedy Two Can Play That Game.

Some call Vivica’s comments “scary” because Morris was married to his wife Pam, whom he is still married to to this day. MTO News has confirmed that Morris and Pam got married in 1995 and have been happily together ever since:

Vivica recently spoke to the Daily Mail and explained the chemistry to her onscreen with groom Morris.

“I was blessed as a child,” Vivica said with a laugh when the interviewer asked about kissing at the movies. “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to have some nice costars who kissed well because I had a couple that made you say, ‘OK, time out. “

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‘But I would say number one [best love scene was with] Morris Chestnut, ”explained Vivica.

“I mean, honey, they had to scream a few times for me to get up from that one,” the actress exclaimed. “Because, Morris, I mean he kisses you… So, Morris Chestnut, number one.”

Many on Twitter were taken aback by the comments, MTO News has learned. Commentators have suggested that if a male actor made the same comments as Vivica about a married co-star, he would be called a “creep.”


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