Watch Now: Hill City Paranormal Founder Investigates Stranger in Lynchburg | Local News


Graham Watts accompanies the occasional investigation. Most notably, a foray into a former family cemetery in Amherst County, which even scared him “a little”.

He loved following Watts’ trajectory, both running his own business and pursuing a childhood passion.

“I never knew a kid chasing chickens with film would get to where he ended up,” he said. “I couldn’t be prouder.”

At 40, Woody Watts feels like he’s living the life he was meant to, producing podcasts and videos, running a successful marketing agency, and most of all, having a blast.

He enjoys adventure, spontaneity, like waking up on a rainy Friday morning and deciding to drive two and a half hours to a cryptozoology and paranormal museum in Littleton, North Carolina.

It was on this trip, the one he took last year with his wife, Laura, where his skepticism was really tested. The town is little more than a post office and a Hardee, but the museum was everything he dreamed it would be – with a giant bigfoot statue, footprint casts and a doll haunted locked in a corner.

What started as a simple day trip turned into them following the museum owner Stephen Barcelo, who operates it from his home in the heart of Medoc Mountain State Park, where Barcelo told them that a couple had observed a big foot a few weeks before.

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