Why are lights seen during earthquakes? That said science


Everyone Comes to the Earthquake Videos on social media tend to be broadcast by strange lights appearing in the sky a few minutes before the earthquake. They are also usually seen moments after earthquakes. It’s as common as “Earthquake fires” Here we explain what they are.

Perhaps when those earthquake videos went viral before the September 19, 2017 earthquake, when recordings of these lights flooded Twitter and Facebook, always accompanied by crazy theories.

In fact, unlike what you read on networks, these spotlights have nothing to do with sci-fi or conspiracy theories, and more of a geology.

earthquake lights

The lightning we see in the sky is a phenomenon studied for centuries and known asearthquake lights(Earthquake Light, or EQL, for its acronym), lights in the sky seen similarly, but on a smaller scale, than the Northern Lights.

The most plausible theory to explain this phenomenon was formulated by Friedmann Freund, a scientist from NASA, who discovered that these lights come from the significant increase in the electrical charge of the Earth as the Earth’s crust moves.

This is how Freund explains in one of his writings of scientific articles:

“When the stones of the earth’s crust grow and bend under the action of tectonic forces, latent electromagnetic charges are released and lead to a remarkable variety of phenomena, which are part of the folklore associated with them in different parts of the world. These phenomena range from abnormal electrical and magnetic signals to seismic lights as hilltops light up and strange behaviors are generated in animals. […] All for one reason: to awaken and spread charges that naturally hide in the deepest rocks of the Earth. “

What are they?

If we put it simply, the lights in the sky are generated by landslides near geological faults on Earth that produce earthquakes, generating an unusual electrical charge due to the enormous friction.

The rocks that make up the geological faults act as conductors of electricity, which is then released in this amazing way in something known as tribolumiscencia.

Just because they are the product of the friction of large geological faults, the lights in the sky usually appear before and after a strong earthquake.

So, in some cases, they can help us know when a strong earthquake is approaching a few minutes before it happens and give us time to get to safety.

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